WLC是一个独立的, nationally ranked Christian college affiliated with the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod. 我们重视高质量的教学和活跃的学术研究. 我们的目标是提供一个严谨的, 个性化教育中有关怀, 基督教学者和学生团体. Education at 威斯康辛州路德 College also involves the spiritual development of our students. 因为这个精神层面, a 威斯康辛州路德 College faculty or academic staff position is a form of public ministry. 

  • 教师和领导: WLC seeks to recruit members of the faculty and leadership who are active members of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS) or 福音路德会 and who share our commitment to quality Christian higher education and faithfulness to the Scriptures. 在确定合格的候选人之后 subject to the approval of the WELS Southeast Wisconsin District Presidium, WLC向被选中的个人发出神圣的召唤.
  • 工作人员: For most open staff positions, WELS or ELS membership is desirable but not required. Successful applicants will be able to perform job duties in a manner consistent with WLC’s Code of Christian Conduct and WLC's mission, ministry, 以及与WELS的联系.
职位空缺, along with faculty and leadership positions for which the college has issued a call for nominations, 都列在下面的标签中.



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威斯康辛州路德 College (WLC) does not unlawfully discriminate in its policies, procedures, 或者是基于种族的行为, sex, color, 国家的起源, disability, age, 或者残疾老兵或越战老兵的身份.  

Because WLC is a college ministry espousing Bible based confessional Lutheran beliefs, 并隶属于威斯康辛福音路德教会(威尔斯), the college reserves the right to give preference in employment to persons based on religion in accordance with our Bible based beliefs. This is in compliance with the federal law “exception to religion” component created in the Civil Rights Act of 1964. 威斯康辛州路德 College complies with all applicable laws which include, 但不限于, 1964年民权法案第六章和第七章, 1972年教育修正案第九条, 1973年康复法案第503和504条, 以及1967年的《澳门金沙官网》.

第九章协调员: 杰米·布洛克,宿舍生活部副主任. 办公室:费舍尔大厅,2112. Phone: 414.443.8762. Email: jamie.valerio@mail.laineillen.net